Monday, May 12, 2008

Dorian, meet Karen; Karen, meet Dorian.

'Karen is awesome and you should hire her and she bakes for her coworkers!'

[14:43] horcubee: hey bruce
[14:43] horcubee: do you have dorian on your IM list?
[14:44] horcubee: i'm interested in this job (which happens to be with his firm) if it is indeed still an open position
[14:44] horcubee: [link removed]
[14:48] horcubee: the posting on craigslist is as of may 8th
[14:49] horcubee: and it sounds very very interesting, as my areas of expertise are in sales / marketing / knowledge management
[14:50] thisisnotbruce: dorian's on facebook
[14:50] thisisnotbruce: just checked his profile... he's about as active on facebook as i am
[14:50] thisisnotbruce: maybe less
[14:50] horcubee: yeah, i noticed that
[14:50] horcubee: thus the msg to you
[14:51] horcubee: and he looks about as active on linkedin as his facebook account
[14:53] horcubee: dorian, albert, and i used to be in a group for one class, i think (can't remember which)
[14:53] horcubee: or maybe i am hallucinating
[14:53] horcubee: but anyway, we were just university acquaintances
[14:53] horcubee: not the type to keep in touch after
[14:55] horcubee: but if you are comfortable in helping me connect with dorian, i'd really appreciate it. would prefer to talk to him as he is the one who's worked with me before
[14:59] thisisnotbruce: he's one of the few with an RSS feed of my blog
[14:59] thisisnotbruce: i'll just make a blog post :P
[14:59] horcubee: :P
[15:00] horcubee: it'd be great if you can ask him on my behalf, perhaps preface it with 'karen is awesome and you should hire her and she bakes for her coworkers!"
[15:00] horcubee: :P
[15:00] horcubee: which is all true
[15:03] thisisnotbruce: damn, now i kind of want to hire you
[15:03] thisisnotbruce: do you do windows and floors?
[15:03] horcubee: i don't get on my hands and knees for just anyone, dear

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